Saturday, November 6, 2010

trust, relation, promise and heart

Promises for some people are just like a joke . . they give the punchline and laugh about it. While some people take it seriously. When you promise...give it all youve got cause the person youre telling to hopes that you make your promise to reality.

I’m so sick of men making these promises and  even if they mean it at the time, and with all their heart, Sometimes a few days later, they claimed, OMG! Sorry I can’t do it.  And realized how stupid they were to make such a promise. And the girl? Oh well, they were told to believe a promise. But if they don’t, then they’re thought to be too cynical, and people will blame them and say they are just distrusting of all men, and that they’re pathetic. But if they naively believe, then the girls will be called silly and unrealisitic and gullible. So either way a girl can’t really win. People tell us to just “take it lightly.” Ok, if we’re supposed to take promises lightly, WHY DO YOU CALL IT A PROMISE?? If it were meant to be taken lightly, then DON’T put your word on it, and don’t call it a promise. Call it… a hypothesis. Or a guess. Or a possibility. Or even a “maybe”.

I tell him a few times dont promise me anything, a promise means that you will do it no matter what, if you know you cant keep it then dont bother saying it. If i know i wont be able to keep them i wont make them. I hate people who break promises its not just 2 words, those words are strong and they can be capable of crushing someones dreams if you let them. I think this has something to do with my trust issues, i find it really hard to trust people because i know what it feels like to get let down over and over again

You may ask, why is he promising? Can’t he just see me tomorrow? Perfect guy, perfect everything… just wrong location and… thousands of miles away. He says we’ll see each other  “Just wait for me.”    I got so frustrated that I teared up. I got so angry just  because i've been hurt in this way. Where a guy asks them to wait, or tells them that they’ll be ..… and the girls will keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Until they are so disappointed and so angry… and at the same time, their self confidence fails. Thinking, “why isn’t he coming back? calling back? just… back? Am I not good enough? Did I do something wrong?”

Men… When you do this: give false promises, break it, … not only is it deceitful, hurtful, and cowardly, do you know what you do to the woman??

1. We will question all of our actions and dissect every last detail of our past interactions with you to try to figure out what went wrong, to try to assess blame on the right moment, dialogue, thing… ANYTHING!

2. You break her. Not her heart, but her trust in men. She will have less trust for the next one that comes along. Maybe even one that actually means it.
Does she mad at you? Yes, eventually. But many times, she’ll still take your call and she will initially  blame on herself.

And the guys who wants to break a relation smoothly just follow the following steps-

a) Always promise, but always break it.

b) Always try to break the trust

c) Tell lies as often as possible, and let urself get caught red handed.

If you follow these steps you dont need to say Good bye to 1, these words will fly automatically from the other side.

But think it hundred times, ''Do we have the right to play with someone's trust, someone's heart, someone's life ? ''


If u HURT him, u are CRUEL; If he HURTS u, u are too SENSITIVE! !

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