Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is interesting topic, i do feel that most of people out there doesnt know what happen inside the profesion rather than only the superficial part of it only :-

I've met so many of medical specialists, who work in medical field long before we even born, they would always ask typical Q

1) Why do u take medicine?
     Are you ever feel regret to choose this path before?
- You can answer it as honest as possible or just say bcoz "i wanna help people". Everybody have their reason to become doctor either for  money, fames, coolness, respectable, family request or truly to help people out.
- No sir, im not regretting but i do find this is interesting.

*My point here is if you really not into it, better dont ever to think to be doctor. If for money, fames, etc, there's a lot more profession out there.

2) After you answer their Q "Honestly" they will say "haha, let's see your answer after you become doctor"

* He said if he can rewind time, he wont become doctor and be something else

So get my point? If You really really really really really really wanna do medicine because you into it and wanna help people so then maybe you can survive it. Otherwise, before graduating from medical school you will start to feel regret, after become HO, the feeling getting more, and maybe you end up Quitting it.
SO think, before you do, ask your relative to thnk wisely before he/she wanna do medicine.
This field is not as cool as the House,scrub etc TV shows, that's far from reality in Malaysia

Are you ready to read up 1000++ pages of book for each topic?
Getting 'bang' by specialist from your lack of knowledge or case presentation?
Ready to on call for 36 hours, the next day morning, Do not screwed up the next day, try to differentiate which one is right and left before say anything.

If you ready, Good Luck to become my colleague later =)

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