Sunday, August 11, 2013

I want to be loved, not hurt

hello my dearest bloggers how are you doing? I's been awhile, Finally i published a blog just now.:D Bile cuti baru ade masa. I just need to smile to replace my frustration. I am going to use my defense mechanisms to control myself and not to be upset. pls guide me ALLAH..insyallah amin.. :) boring kan selalu cerita pasal love love still happened though i am.. i still cannot run kan?so embrace it la. how bout me? huh..I am grieving still..I need to grieve and occupy myself with works works worksss..eventhough I dont even like it. I am tired..herm no exhausted in trusting.might be the surrounding makes things worst. I didn't feel any protection. I felt I was all alone.I decided i walked off for good than chasing.Sad isn't it? Most of my energy is gone. I feel that I only have a piece of me left. One of the messages Y u always like this? huh? my answer " you should ask urself" but as usual im just quiet,simpn sendri. I will keep my prayes to be protected from being hurt. I dont want to be hurt.peace :)

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