Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Deleting strangers [sorry, i don't trust strangers]

My experience while chatting with strangers online.There are quite a few things I remember and mmg cnfirm xsuke..I used to chat on YM and there were a lot of creepy.hihi.Sorry to say..I truly dislike when people I don't know ask me to accept them on YM. I usually do that but now I found myself in a place where i have a lot of ym buddies or Fb buddies and I haven't chatted to them at all.That's awful.Okay I deleted u from my ym list, fb list. I even don't know what for I had added u there and it just my mistake.

Speaking of love online, a friend of mine met a guy at fb and they got attracted and decided to meet and now they are couple. To be honest.. I would like to have such a fairy tale story but i know one thing for sure, when i'm not with my lover, i will be wondering, what is he doing now?hmm..chatting to some sexy girl online? trust will be there and i'm sure he will think the same.So, no online love for me.Nope thanks.hehhe =)

The reason y I'm so reluctant to add strangers on Fb. First, I am active on fb meaning, I log on atleast once a day. Adding strangers usually come with the "ice-breaking" stage and it includes effort and work before a proper friendship can be formed. What this mean to me is that, if u wanna be my friend, you have got to have the ability to tune in to my radar. In the same way, I must be able to do the same too and I don't like wasting time to know someone that I don't know and cannot be trusted.That's y I delete, I block and I ignore.

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